2015 Holiday Duals

2015 VACW Elementary and Middle School Results

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2015 VACW Elementary and Middle School Results


Ohio Elementary Champions


PA Middle School Champions


Teams for 2015


Team Oklahoma Tornado- OK, Team Oklahoma Elite,  Team PA Blue, Team PA Gold,  Team PA Silver, Team Palmetto-SC, Team PA White, The CREW-NC, NCWAY National Team-NC, GA Justice, Texas Dynamite Red-TX, Texas Dynamite Black-TX, Texas Dynamite Grey-TX,  Terps ES Maryland, Terps ES National-MD, Terps ES Xtreme, MD, Terps Contender Elite, MD, Terps ES Express, MD, Terps Outlaws-MD,  Higher Calling-Tenn, Hammerheads-FL, Team Utah, Mile High Orange Colorado, Mile High Blue Colorado, PINnacle-Minn, Team California, Iowa Black, RVA Select-VA, Michigan Select Blue, Michigan Select Red-MI,Legends of Gold-ND, Team Sconnie, WI, Minions Black-GA, Minions Green-GA, Ohio Scarlet, Ohio Grey, VAWA GOLD, VA Bandits, MF1-GA, Scorpions Gold-NJ, Team Greco-FL, New Jersey Power-NJ, Team Delaware, DE, Buxton School of Wrestling, NJ, Illinois Blue, Contendor, IND, NJ, Barn Brothers, NY, Terps Outlaws, MD, Combat Wrestling Club-NC


Team PA Blue, Team PA Gold, Team PA White, Team PA Silver, Team Palmetto-SC, The CREW-NC, NCWAY National Team-NC, GA Justice,  Texas Dynamite-Red, Texas Dynamite-Black, Central Region Elite-VA, Terps Warhawks-MD, Terps MS Nationals-MD, Terps MS Xtreme,MD, Terps Contender Elite, MD, Terps MS Express, Terps Outlaws-MD, Team Tennessee, Hammerheads-FL, Mile High Colorado, Ohio Scarlet, Ohio Grey, Team Oklahoma Thunder, Team Oklahoma Outlaw, Team California, California Gold, Team Iowa, RVA Select-VA, Michigan Select Red, Michigan Select Blue, Legends Of Gold-ND, Wisconsin Frog Team, Buxton School of Wrestling,-NJ, Minions Black-GA, Minions Green-GA, VAWA Gold, VA Bandits, Scorpions Black- NJ, Scorpions Gold-NJ, MF1-GA, Team Greco-FL,  Illinois Orange, Team Utah, Team Nauman-PA, Team Inferno, NC, Indiana, Apex WC- NJ, Texas School Of Wrestling, Bitetto Trained-NJ

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