Holiday Duals Alumni

This page is in the development to produce data from past participants int he many Holiday Duals and how they ended up Nationally. If you know of any data we have overlooked, please let us know.


At this past weekends 2016 NCAA National Championships, there where 5 National Champions that have wrestled in the Virginia Challenge National Holiday Duals. Kyle  Snyder was named Outstanding Wrestler. Kyle place 3rd in the Virginia Challenge National Holiday Duals as an 8th grader. 
Please send the names ASAP this will be a feature story the this years Virginia Challenge National Duals program.
Frank Lipoli
Virginia Challenge


70 Michael Doetsch,  3x NCAA Qualifier  Delta Force
75  Quinn DevaneyMcDonogh School (11)
80 Ryan Friedman, Harvard
85 Zeke Salvo, Brown
90 Cameron Harrell, U of Virginia
95 Coy Ozias, Princeton
95 Zach Smith, Campbell
100 Jack Mutchnik, American Univ.
105 Alex Wolfe, Bloomsburg
112 Hunter Sutton, Naval Academy
119 Alfred Bannister, Univ. of Maryland
126 Cory Daniel, Univ. of North Carolina
135 Connor Wagh, Bucknell
175 Kyle Snyder, Ohio State Univ.(NCAA Champ., World Champ, Jr.Terps
       Nico Magalludis, Penn State Univ. NCAA Champ, Team PA
       Zain Retherford, Penn State Univ. NCAA Champ, Team PA
       Myles Martin, Ohio State Univ. NCAA Champ, Delta Forse
       Gabe Dean, Cornell Univ. 2x NCAA Champ.  Michigan Select
       Nick Griazdowski North Carolina State Univ. 2x National Champ 4x All American, Michigan            Select
       Caleb Richardson, University of Pennsylvania, 3x NCAA Qualifier, VA Thunder 
       Scottie Winston, Rutgers Univ., 3x NJ State Champ, EIWA Champ, 4x NCAA Qualifier, NJ               Eagles
      Nick Suriano,   4x NJ State HS Champion, Penn State University, Delta Force
      Chance Marstellar, 4x PA State HS Champ, Oklahoma State, Team PA
Patrick McCormick, 11th grade, two time VA HS state champ
Kurt McHenry, 10th grade, MD prep champ, Prep all American
Levi Engleman, 11th grade, VA HS state champ
Colin Geradi, 11th grade, two time VA HS state champ
Marshall Keller, 11th grade, two time VA  HSstate champ
Hunter Bolen, 12th grade, two time VA HS state champ
River Curtis, 11h grade, VA State HS champ
Zach Beckner, 2 time VA State HS champ
Antonio Agee, two time VA State HS champ
Nick Giantonio, VA state HS champ