VACW Payment Methods


We have set up a few various type of payment methods for those clubs and teams participating in our “Duals Events”.

1-Payment by check: Made to VACW, 3449 Robinson Rd, VA Beach, VA 23456. Need to be mailed 10 days in advance of an event to assure arrival.

2- Pay Pal : You can find our account by email: . You will see the VACW account. For every $100 you send on Pay Pal you must add $3 to cover the Pay Pal Fee. Just do the math please. Also, indicate on the memo who it is for and the event.

3- Venmo – This is  a great App. for your phone. There is “NO” fee. It goes directly from your bank account to ours. We highly recommend this method. Look for us @virginia-challenge when in the Venmo app.

4- Cash/Check at the Door- We need to know in advance if you are doing this

5- We can use the “Square” Register at the event, or we can take a card number on the phone if necessary, using the register. The CC fee imposed by the Register is passed on to your card.