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VACW State Duals

Unfortunately there will not be a Virginia State Duals for K-8.

Maybe next year we can if the state clubs can commit early

2023 VACW Holiday Duals GOLD Division Winners

Team POWA: Elementary School GOLD Winners

Gold Results

  • 1st Place - POWA
  • 2nd Place - Dynasty Deathrow
  • 3rd Place - Backyard Brawlers
  • 4th Place - PA Gold
  • 5th Place - Aggression Legionaries
  • 6th Place - Minnesota Funky Singlets
  • 7th Place - Team Michigan
  • 8th Place - Westshore D.S

Team POWA: Womens GOLD Division Winners

Womens Results

  • 1st Place - POWA
  • 2nd Place - MGW Slay Belles
  • 3rd Place - Cali Pink
  • 4th Place - Iowa Ladies
  • 5th Place - Oklahoma Outlaws
  • 6th Place - MGW The Grinches
  • 7th Place - Lady Rangers
  • 8th Place - Lady Reapers
  • 9th Place - Maryland Gold
  • 10th Place - Tri State Training Center

Team Gotcha: Middle School GOLD Winners

Gold Results

  • 1st Place - Gotcha
  • 2nd Place - POWA
  • 3rd Place - Mat Assassins
  • 4th Place - Minion Black
  • 5th Place - PA Gold
  • 6th Place - Cali Red
  • 7th Place - Oklahoma Elite
  • 8th Place - West Coast Riders


Thank you for all your support! 

Official VACW Holiday Duals Sponsor

Official VACW National Holiday Duals Sponsor

Brad’s Wrestling Room 

Home of the Great Neck Wrestling Club.

The 10,000 sq ft room has 4 full sized, new wrestling mats. The heat will be on and there will be check accurate check scales.

Located at 2000 Virginia Beach Blvd. 2.9 miles away from the Sportscenter – less than 5 minutes away from the VB oceanfront.

To book times: DAVE CAHILL is the contact (757)880-8135 email: 

Facility use/drop in fee:  $25 per wrestler.  Team rates can be discussed with Coach Cahill. Hours of operation: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Bradley Wrestling Room


By the Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer

Mayor Bobby Dyer recognizing the VACW and proclaiming March 11, 2023 VA Challenge Day

The Mayor's Proclamation Day for the VACW

Mayor Bobby Dyer and the Virginia Challenge Board with past Presidents

Steve Crocker Received the 2022 Annual Colin and Anna Baker Award at Virginia Duals

Ken Berger with the Colin and Anna Baker Award 2021

Steve Crocker Receives the Annual Colin and Anna Baker Award at Virginia Duals

Ken Whitley 2020 Colin and Anna Baker Award


The Virginia Wrestling Community would like to congratulate Frank Lipoli (VACW Executive Director) for being Honored as an Inductee to the 2022 Hampton Roads Hall Of Fame. His years of selfless work and dedication to promoting wrestling events in southeastern Virginia has been honored as a new 2022 Hall of Fame Member. Frank is the Father of the VACW National Holiday Duals which is the Top National Dual Event for Middle School and Elementary School. Multiple participants in the Holiday Duals have gone on to become college All Americans , Olympic Team Members, Olympic and International Champions. Many of these outstanding wrestlers did not even go undefeated at this event. That is the type of competition that attends the Holiday Duals which Frank laid the foundation for.


Live streaming on all mats for Grade Level States and Super States weekend

Live streaming on all mats for Grade Level States and Super States weekend

USA Wrestling statement on social justice

Social injustice is wrong and contrary to the inclusive nature of wrestling. USA Wrestling’s mission is to provide quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full athletic and human potential. Recent tragedies in our nation compel us to do more and do it better. We stand with our African American and black communities and all of the diverse people who are part of our sport. We will focus our actions on how we can drive change against unjust treatment, police brutality, and systematic racism that is plaguing our nation and world. We need to come together now and use our voice, platform, and actions to help create the kind of society that reflects our values. By its nature, wrestling can be the most inclusive sport on earth. Anyone can wrestle and everyone is welcome. When we hit the mat, we are all part of one wrestling family.

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