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VACW Championship Series Events

Championship Series Events

Virginia Challenge Championship Series 2019-20


(This award is for Virginia Residents only even though these events are open to out of state wrestlers)
The Virginia Challenge Wrestling Board created this Championship Series of Events culminating in Awards for top wrestlers in all divisions. The divisions will be K-2, 3-5, 6-8. Wrestlers competing in the VACW Events will earn points by placing in the top 6. The Outstanding wrestlers in each of these age groups will be determined at the end of the season events. The K-8 end of season event will be the Wrestle Fest and Grades 9-12 will be the Super States March 10th. Wrestlers who place in the final event and have the highest total points for the season earn the awards. We will present Trophies to the top 3 in each Division.
These are all require 2019-20 USAW Memberships
September 21, 2019
* * * * Jamie Kelly Memorial* * * *
Deep Creek High School



October 19-20, 2019
* * * * Interstate 64 Final Four * * * *
Virginia Beach Field House, HS and below

Web Site Event Info Here

October 27, 2019
* * * * Virginia Beach Nationals * * * *
Ocean Lakes High School, HS and below

Web Site Event Info here

November 24, 2019
* * * * Cobra Challenge * * * *
Eastern View HS, JV, Middle School and below

Event Details Here

January 12, 2020
Virginia Duals Kids Nationals
Kids Nationals, Girls Nationals, Rookie Nationals


January 18, 2020
* * * * Virginia Challenge States * * * *

Grade Level Championships

Arthur Ashe Center, Richmond
This is where awards are presented for K-8. This is a mandatory event to earn any awards.


March 14-15, 2020
* * * * Super States Weekend * * * *
Riverbend HS
This is where the awards for Grades 9-12.This is a mandatory event to earn any awards. The awards are earned after the results of the Super States on Sunday. You must be at this event in order to qualify and earn final awards for the championship series.

March 14 - 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th Grade States Link 

March 15th Super States Day Link


Custom Trophy Plaque and additional State recognition for the Champion along with awards to top three in each of these divisions:
Upper and lower weight awards for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Rookie Events are not considered in the point value.

Top 3 in each Division will earn Free Entry to the 2020 Interstate 64 National Open and the Virginia Beach Nationals in the fall.
Point System:
Event Entry 10 points
Placements in each event during the season
1st - 20 pts, 2nd - 16 pts , 3rd - 12 pts, 4th - 9 pts,
Placement Points for the final event (Wrestle Fest and Super States)
1st - 25 pts, 2nd - 21 pts, 3rd - 17 pts , 4th - 14 pts
Series Awards can only be earned through Participation at the VACW Grade School States and Super States for High School
To qualify for any placement points a wrestler must actually wrestle. If you enter a weight class that has no one in it, then it does not qualify for placement points. If your weight class is combined with another weight class and creates a group of 3 or more to get matches, then the combined group is the weight class that can earn placement points in. The minimum wrestlers to earn points is a 3 person group